Enterprise vision: to become a strong competitive hydraulic machinery suppliers!

Business philosophy: people-oriented, customer oriented, to the letter for Germany, sustainable development!

People oriented:

Hai Rui is the stage for every motivated employee to fly their dreams!

Hai Rui will never forget every hand in hand!

Hai Rui gives every employee a fair chance!

He will spare no effort to cultivate, care and cherish every employee!

He will fully mining and play the potential of each employee!

Customer honor:

Hai Rui depends on our customers!

Customer satisfaction is our survival and development of the fundamental hai!

Customers want to think, anxious customers anxious, always worth paying!

To believe in virtue:

Hai Rui in good faith as a business creed!

Hai Rui regards honesty as social image!

Hai Rui regards integrity as professional ethics!

Sustainable development:

Cultivate the most creative team, create a responsibility for the culture of the enterprise, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of sustainable management!

Core values: Siyuan shaped innovation share

think of source

Never forget the partners who grew up with us!

Shaped charge

Integration of all resources can be integrated to stimulate the cohesion of all potential employees!


In a rainy day, never slack, positive change, leading the trend!


Good common, common development!

The society for society!

Taking into account the interests of customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees!

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